Our story

Launched on 5 July 2022, PeopleKind Group is the parent company to organisations that empower people to live their best lives.

We’re a for-purpose company with a rich heritage in disability services that commenced in 1954. As Nulsen Haven, Nulsen Disability Services, Nulsen Group and now PeopleKind Group, we’ve grown and evolved to remain at the forefront of quality human services in WA.

The formation of PeopleKind Group is designed not just to preserve the nearly 70-year history of Nulsen, but also to ensure that the strong Nulsen legacy endures for decades to come.

By strategically broadening the range of human services we offer, starting with the addition of Outcare in 2018, PeopleKind Group is ideally equipped to thrive in our changing modern-day environment.

Alongside Nulsen Disability Services and Outcare, our organisations include Melior Positive Behaviour Support, Pillar Support Coordination, Superyou Therapy and Nesti Housing.

This parent company structure allows each organisation to offer specialised and streamlined services, which ensures greater clarity and efficient access to services for the people we support.

Our new structure also provides more permanent employment opportunities and training and development pathways for graduates, existing sector workers and people wanting a change of career.

PeopleKind Group is in the business of helping people in our community.

The progression from Nulsen to PeopleKind, and the creation of new organisations within the Group, puts people first and ensures our sustainability now and into the future.